Western National Roundup



A State/territory/District of Columbia is allowed only one entry in only one division of a contest in a national 4-H competitive event each year. An entry is an individual, in the events where individuals compete against individuals only, or a team in events where total team scores are computed and recognition given to the team. Individuals may be recognized in those events that are primarily team events.

Entries not officially entered will not be permitted to participate for any reason.

An individual may enter a National 4-H competitive event in a specific program area only once. Participating members of a team entry (even if they are designated alternate by low score) are ineligible to enter the same event again as a part of another team.

The eligibility requirements to enter a National 4-H Competitive Event or a Multi-State 4-H Competitive event are:

Contestant must already have passed his or her 14th birthday, and may not have reached his or her 19th birthday as of January 1 of the year in which the National 4-H Competitive Event is held. However, the State 4-H Leader may grant a special authorization to compete, for youth with developmental disabilities who exceed the upper age limit.

The January dates for the Western National Roundup event are considered part of the previous year for the purpose of allowing all youth to compete in the national events in their last year of eligibility.

All contestants must be members of 4-H in the state they are representing during the year in which the National 4-H Competitive Event is held.

The contestant(s) or team(s) of contestants must be certified as the official state entry by the State 4-H Leader or by a person designated by the State 4-H Leader. The individual(s) or team (s) may be selected by any procedure the State 4-H Leader believes is appropriate.

The contestant, his or her county 4-H staff member, and the State 4-H Leader must certify as follows on the application form or an accompanying memo:

"This contestant has not participated in post-secondary coursework in the subject area of the national 4-H competition, nor has he or she participated in training for post-secondary competition in the subject area of the national 4-H competition."

Violation of the above will result in forfeiture of any awards or recognition which have been won in the National 4-H Competitive Event.

Please be sure to reference each contest for contest specific eligibility requirements.